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All our plays are rated between 1-5 Units

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Find a UNIT SIZE You feel comfortable with. If you have a $ 500 bankroll play $50 per UNIT as a example.Keep you unit size between 1 and 5% of your overall bankroll.

 Picking more winners than losers may seem like the ultimate goal in sports , however if one does not manage their money properly you will wind up losing money like 98% of the people who play sports. 

Do to the fact that one who plays sports must lay eleven to ten (also know as the juice) 50% winners will not even be a break-even point .  

In order to make a profit at sports investing it is necessary to have a 53% winning percentage to turn a slight profit.  This is assuming one is playing the same amount on each game and say out of 100 plays winning 60 games and losing 40 games you will be up 16 games.  The reason it is only 16 games is you must add 4 more losers to the 40 games lost due to the 10%  commission (or 11 to 10) one must pay on losing plays.  This may seem like a small profit but in fact by constantly turning your money over and over for every 100 plays it is a sizable return on your investment. 

One must be very careful about what plays they will play double or at most triple your normal play.  Unfortunately due to the law of large numbers there will be winning and losing streaks along the way, and it is vital to keep ones head especially during the inevitable losing streaks that will occur during the course of a season. 

If you know you have a overall edge like we know we do at SportsInvestorsNetwork losing streaks that come along will be overcome with patience and disipline.It is like a mixed bowl of m&m candies with only two colors of candy GREEN (WINNING) and RED (LOSING). You will pick out the m&mís one at a time. If you know there are 60 GREEN (OR WINNING) colored candies one will not get discouraged when 7 out of 10 RED m&mís come along because there can only be 40 RED (OR LOSING) m&mís.

It is human nature to get emotionally high and feel like youíre king of the world when on a winning streak and YOU SHOULD WAGER 4,5 or 6 times your normal wager.By the same token during a losing streak it is suicidal to double or triple your wages trying to catch up all at once. NEVER EVER CHASE... YOU WHERE BORN EVEN... Dimes will become Dollars and Dollars will become Dimes... THINGS will TURN AROUND..

The optimum plan is to have a plan.  It is not that one plans to fail, it is that one fails to plan.  It is like going on a trip without a map and wandering like a ship aimlessly without a rudder. One cannot reach a destination if they donít know how to get there.  You must not put a limit on your winnings but have a definite limit on losses, known as a stop loss. 

A fixed percentage of ones total bankroll is the safest way to invest in sports.  For example if one has $2000.00 put aside as a football bank roll 2% or $40.00 should be played on a single play, $80.00 or 4% on a double play, and rarely $120.00 or 6% of ones $2000.00 bankroll on a triple play.  

Playing in this manner will make it virtually impossible to go broke.  When winning and your total bankroll increases you may play more based on the same percentages in accordance with your total bankroll.   One may have separate bankrolls for each sport.  Taking this concept one step further you could even have separate bankrolls for different situations and different types of plays.

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